Basic methods for Juicing the Wheatgrass Juice

Before you make juice from the shoots, you need to learn how to germinate them. The first thing to do is to select the best quality seeds. If defects such as deformation are seen on the surface of the grain, it is too dry or damp, exudes an unpleasant odor, has any kind of stains, it needs to be discarded. When insects are found in the package, it is completely utilized, because the integrity of the seed shell can not be assessed with the naked eye.

WheatAfter the selection of good seeds, they are washed with cool running water. The dishes for germination should be clay, enamel, porcelain, glass and deep enough. Then they spread them to the bottom of a bowl and pour warm water. Note that the pop-up grains are extracted and discarded, the soaked ones are soaked for 6-12 hours.

After the time has elapsed, it is necessary to replace the water in the vessel with a new one. Since it draws harmful substances from the grains. The liquid becomes bitter to the taste, acquires a specific flavor, a dark color. After the change of the spoiled water to the fresh one, the germination process begins, in time it takes another 12 hours.

It is not recommended to soak a large number of seeds in one procedure, since a person needs only 50-100 g of seedlings.

There is another way of germinating wheat. The grains are wrapped in a damp clean gauze, a napkin. The fabric is replaced as it gets dirty. This option is more laborious, because you need to constantly monitor the moisture of rags.



You can make a useful drink at home in several ways.

  • Juicer. This variant is the simplest, since it allows to obtain juice without large particles of pulp. But not all juicers will cope with this task, there is a certain category – auger. Their principle of operation is similar to a meat grinder, they also process sprouts or hard vegetables, but the cake is retained by a sieve with small cells. At the output, fresh juice from wheat germs is obtained.
  • A kitchen blender. In order to make a wheat drink, you need to put the sprouts in a bowl and grind them. The resulting mass to pass through gauze. So, the juice is ready for use.



Sprouts are a valuable product. They are eaten raw, adding to different dishes. For example, they are used for salads, cereals, green soups, or used for broths.

There are sprouted seeds of wheat can be available all year round, for better digestion it is recommended to eat them in the morning. This product is digested for a long time, due to this feeling of satiety is felt longer.

It is correct to start eating seedlings in food from a small amount (1-2 teaspoons) and gradually increase the portion (up to 70 grams). When eating for the first time a large number of germinated seeds, the body can respond by indigestion, a disorder of the gastrointestinal tract. This side effect with regular use soon passes.

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