Best Wheatgrass Juicers

You know about the benefits of wheat grass and how it fights many diseases including cancer. The questions still remains if you want go for green juice especially wheat grass juice; Which is the best juice maker? The article looks at one of best Jack Lallane juicer.

Why Jack Lalanne juicer?

Best Wheatgrass Juicers

Jack Lalanne juicers are one of the best juice makers in the industry today. They usually extraxct more than 30 percent juice compared to an average juice maker in the market. If you definitely want to go green with wheat juice and get more juice, Jack Lalanne juicer – think what you need. Most of the them are so simple. Not many and complicated parts to confuse you. I have seen some juicers which are difficult to reassemble after diassembling for cleaning puropese.

One problem with most juicers has to do with cleaning a juicer. It get real clumsy after making making your juices, and you want to clean the juicer. In the market you will want a product that is easy to clean with adishwasher. If you do not want a problem go for such a product and Lalanne products are good at that.

The best juice makers should not develop stains or rust over a period of time. With stains you may not know whether the quality over the wheat juice is compromised in terms of health benefits or not. Jack Lalanne products are made of stainless steel meaning they do not develop stains.

One problem is that you can have is constant purchasing of juicers. If you do not choose well in the market you may end up purchasing 3 or 4 times a year. Durability is one thing that Jack Lalanne has mastered over time. Their products are strongly. They last for many years. They do not easily wear out. So you do not need to make frequent purchases.

Power Juicer

Jack Lalanne products got less noise pollution. Deafening noise is one of the irritating thing when you make juice. Sometimes it makes it difficult to differentiate whether the product is operating well or has a problem. Jack Lalanne product have little vibration and little noise and therefore little irritation.

When using Jack Lalanne products you do not have to cut your wheat grass into small pieces. The machines usually have bigger choppers. This saves you time. There is no need to waste more time chopping either fruits or grass into small pieces.

The other good side is that most of these machines work in making fruit, vegetable and wheatgrasses unlike many products in the industry who struggle to make grass juice because of the low content of water. Again when you use Jack Lalanne products there is no need to peel most fruits just throw in the juice marker and get your juice.

The Negative side

The downside of the products is that they are not usually the cheapest in the market. They are lot of many cheaper alternative products in the market. If you do not care about the quality and durability you can go for them.

Most of Lalanne products cannot handle ice. If you want to include ice in the production unfortunately they cannot do that for you.

Lets have a look of Jack Lalanne of the 4 centrifugal juicers by Jack Lalanne:

Power juicer Classic

Power juicer Classic

It is very good not only for making fruits and vegetable juice but also wheat grass juice. Like many Jack Lalanne products it usually extract more juice than the average juice makers in the market. If you want more juice go for the product. It has a large surface area of 16”x12”x 15.5”. With a yield rate of A it is very good juicer.

Power Juicer Express

Power Juicer Express

Also a good juicer for fruits, vegetable and wheat grass juice. It also has a large surface area of dimensions 14”x12”x16”. Its yield rate is good but lower than for the other 3. It has a yield rate of B+. In the market however it is still very good compared to other products.

Power Juicer Deluxer

Almost liker Power Juicer Classic but a little better than power juicer classic and other products. Its more compatible I can say. It is very fast, slices large fruits and big portions of wheat grass in seconds. It has a yield rate of A.

Power Juicer Pro

One the best juicers in the market. It has a dimensions of 16”x12”x 15.5” and has a good yield rate of A+. Its also very fast.


Jack Lalanne has very good wheat juice makers. They are very good if you want to live health.

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