How to Do a Wheatgrass Detox Diet

The best and worthy attention is always that it has been a test of time. And how many innovations would not appear, no matter how perfect they may be, but we still return to the original source.

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For thousands of years, people have been eating wheat. From the primitive to the modern homo sapiens lies a long way, on which everything constantly changed, including the food culture. And let today we bake bread from white flour, and not from crushed raw grains, but only now we begin to understand how great their value is. It is no accident that the first people were strong and healthy, despite the difficult conditions of life and exhausting physical labor. They used to eat wheat grains.

Sprouted grains

Today, sprouted grains confidently win the approval of doctors and popular love around the world. Many have tried their healing power on their own, which is why they are extremely happy and that they sincerely recommend to their friends and relatives.

What is useful are sprouted wheat grains

The value of wheat grains is difficult to perceive. Wheat not only provides us with the most important food product – bread, but also is able to take care of our health like no other product. Sprouted wheat grains put in order all the organs and systems of the human body. First of all – the nervous system. Irritability, nervousness, depression, in general, any imprint of modern life will vanish without a trace if you regularly consume sprouted grains.

What is useful are sprouted wheat grains

Fatigue, physical and mental exhaustion, weakness, malaise sprouted grains will drive away. You will be full of strength and energy, vivacity, optimism, endurance and efficiency increase. The cardiovascular system is strengthened, brain activity is renewed and stimulated, the hemopoietic system is renewed, blood is enriched with oxygen, and this is important in the activity of all organs.

Germinated wheat perfectly improves immunity, and you will notice it in a very short time, as you forget about colds. Chronic and acute illnesses will be suspended in development, and soon they may disappear altogether. Sprouted grains effectively treat tuberculosis, bronchial asthma, stomach and duodenal ulcer, stone formation, eczema, acute respiratory infections and ARVI, other inflammatory and infectious diseases, and serve as an excellent prophylaxis for constipation, dysbiosis, and colon cancer. Wheat contributes to the healing of wounds and even can dissolve tumors, fibromas and other formations.

How to Do a Wheatgrass Detox Diet

Wheat germ is useful for both children and the elderly, both for men and for women. They increase vision, potency, improve the functioning of the reproductive system, improve the condition of the skin, hair (even able to inhibit graying and return gray hair pigmentation), nails, teeth.

In general, wheat grains establish all processes, work of all organs, rejuvenate the body, creating in it a pristine harmony and balance. Wheat is the elixir of beauty, youth and health!

Even if you do not suffer from excess weight, it is a sin not to use such an invaluable gift of nature. But with all this, wheat also has a positive effect on our weight and shape. After all, in the long list of its properties – the ability to remove from the body the products of vital activity, thereby purifying it of poisons, toxins, cholesterol, toxins and other litter, including neutralizing the adverse environmental impact on our body. In addition, it perfectly satiates and at the same time possesses all the necessary substances for the body in easily digestible and concentrated form: the wheat germ contains the greatest amount of B, E, calcium, and potassium vitamins. Also, wheat germs are rich in amino acids (including indispensable ones), enzymes, in their composition – 12 vitamins, 21 macronutrients and 18 amino acids. Let’s not forget about fiber for weight loss, which promotes digestion and normalization of the digestive tract. Wheat normalizes all metabolic processes in the body.

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